TPE Love dolls

Modern love dolls have a wide range of names across the globe.  This information is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the names used to describe the sex dolls that you are shopping for.

In most places, the most widely recognized name is real sex dolls, which might be called real dolls to shorten the expression.  They are called real dolls because of the extreme detail that was included when the doll molding and creation began.  In fact, they are often so realistic, that it’s hard to tell them from real people!

In addition to real doll, many North Americans refer to these wonderful creations as sex dolls.  The name implies that they are used for one purpose only, but in reality, sex dolls are often used for companionship and therapy as well.  Realistic sex dolls can serve a variety of purposes and shouldn’t be viewed as taboo sex dolls or anything else.  The fantasy sex dolls have become so commonplace in our culture, that they often take the place of a “significant other” in a relationship.  In China and other countries where the population has become an issue, this works out well due to the overwhelming population that exists there.  TPE sex dolls help control population size because of course, they can’t become pregnant!  They offer company and sexual gratification to the doll owner without the extra cost associated with a lifetime partner.

Most of the adult dolls being sold on the market are made of TPE, which is short for Thermoplastic Elastomer.  These TPE sex dolls aren’t the only type of adult doll out there.  There is a sex doll made from silicone!  Silicone sex dolls are different than their counterparts in the fact that they are often much more realistic looking.  Not to downplay the realism of TPE dolls at all, but silicone dolls add an additional spectrum of realism that just can’t be duplicated!  They are often firmer to the touch and aren’t quite as real feeling as their counterparts, but this doesn’t stop the industry from pumping them out by the millions.  With either of these materials, a good lube will be required for intercourse.

There is also a new hybrid sex doll out now, the new design incorporates the best of both worlds.  The new doll uses a silicone sex doll head on top of a TPE sex doll body!  This allows the customer to get a doll with extremely realistic facial features and even grafted in the hair (no more wigs!).  This realism can’t be compared to anything else, but the hybrid type dolls are a bit more expensive.  They hybrid sex dolls do include the normal TPE doll body so that the customer can still enjoy the realistic body effect during intercourse, but the visual provided by the silicone head just tops it all off.  The only downfall to this system is that the silicone heads don’t have an oral intercourse function.  So keep that in mind when considering the purchase of this new design.

To sum things up, there are many names that point to the same product.  Whether you call them silicone dolls, real dolls, sex dolls, fantasy sex dolls or just fantasy dolls, TPE dolls, realistic sex dolls or any of the other widely used names, there is one thing that makes them all the same.  And that one thing is that all of them point to the most beautiful sex dolls on the planet!