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Flat Chested Sex Dolls

There is nothing quite like sexual frustration, especially if you don’t have a partner or you have one that doesn’t fulfill your sexual needs. However, one great way to deal with this is to buy flat chested dolls that can help you have a fantastic sex life, without having to deal with all of the relationship drama most women come with. So, you will not only be doing your sex life a favor, but you will become significantly happier and more satisfied with your life.

When you purchase a sex doll, you can easily purchase one or more that fit your vision of the perfect woman. You can choose from flat chested dolls and small breasted dolls, to ones with large boobs, different races, various body sizes and more. If you prefer blondes over brunettes, you can easily find just about any doll to fit your particular tastes. It is even possible to purchase a doll that looks like a particular porn star.

There are many things you will need to consider when purchasing a sex doll and one of them is the material the doll is made out of and its overall quality. There are very cheaply made dolls that you can get for a couple of hundred dollars whereas dolls made out of high quality materials tend to cost a couple thousand dollars. The more expensive dolls also tend to have more realistic details and significantly better craftsmanship.

The high end dolls are usually made from TPE or medical grade silicone that is platinum cured. The platinum curing actually helps the doll from eventually oozing oil. You should also consider the overall construction of the doll which includes its ability to stand, overall durability, ability to hold certain positions, strength of the joints etc.

These are important considerations since higher quality sex dolls will last longer, be able to stand, hold positions for lengthy periods of time and their joints would remain flexible over time. One of the worst things that can happen is having a sex doll that eventually goes limp or becomes flimsy or unable to hold the positions you put it in.

So, with that said, you should understand the importance of carefully selecting your sex doll and the website where you buy one from. We will now review four of these websites so that you can select the best one for your needs.

Silicon Wives

This website offers a wide range of sex dolls and the website is very easy to use and navigate. One of the best things about this particular website is that they include HD photos of each of the dolls they offer, which will help you to choose the perfect one for your needs. Additionally, there are many different photos of each doll, which includes photos of them dressed, undressed and in different settings. currently offers five flat chested dolls and they are Elsa, Bebe, Celeste, Blair and Rosalyn. Elsa is an Icelandic girl that has a very slim and boyish figure. She is 5’5″ tall and has a steel skeleton and is made from realistic TPE material.

If you have more Asian tastes, then you may like Celeste who is a Japanese school girl. Then, there is Rosalyn if you prefer a more sexually confident sex doll that will certainly rock your world and help you explore all of your fantasies.

Pros of this website:

  1. Excellent customer service
  2. Easy to navigate website with lots of photos and details
  3. Financing options are available


  1. If you cancel your order, there are additional fees
  2. Depending on where you live, deliveries can take extra time

Sex Doll Genie

This store is run by a husband and wife and it is a relatively new company. The great thing about this particular website is that they offer installment plans on their sex dolls which will allow you to receive your doll and continue paying for it. This is all in an effort to make these sex dolls more accessible and easily affordable.

They have a wide range of dolls with over a thousand different models that are made from mainly silicone and TPE. This company is also a verified Doll Forum seller so you can rest easy and know that their products are of the highest quality and you will receive excellent customer service. currently has 30 different dolls with flat chests. This is quite a large selection that you can peruse and select based on your other interests.


  1. Large selection of dolls
  2. Website contains a lot of information on dolls, which includes maintenance
  3. They offer price matching and installment plans


  1. They have a small customer service team so calls may not be answered immediately
  2. Dolls offered on sale won’t be refunded

Joy Love Dolls

Next, we will look at which is one of the most competitive sex doll businesses on the market. They are worldwide retailers and have warehouses located in Spain, France, China, Germany etc. They also have a large collection of sex dolls that come in a wide variety such as Asian, Black, Shemale and more. As a matter of fact, this was the first company to ever create and sell Shemale sex dolls.

Another great feature of this website is that you can easily customize each doll according to your own specifications. There are currently around 140 different doll heads you can choose from. The dolls themselves are very fluid and sport detailed bodies and features. All the dolls on this website are made from TPE material so that they are not only durable but their skin is quite soft and lifelike.

When it comes to their flat chested doll models, this site has an impressive 112 different dolls. These dolls are also quite affordable as they start from $1,299 and up.


  1. One of the sex doll sites with the largest number of available dolls
  2. Prices are quite competitive
  3. Ability to customize dolls


  1. Website is a bit slow
  2. No returns unless the sex doll is damaged when you receive it

SexDolls offers a wide range of sex dolls and some of their top categories include athletic dolls, male, Japanese, Black, Blonde etc. This company not only sells sex dolls for men but also for women! They also have sex dolls made out of both medical grade silicone and TPE, so you can easily choose which material you prefer. Each one of their dolls are hyper realistic and anatomically correct, so you definitely feel like you’re having intercourse with a real person.

Another great feature about the dolls offered by this website is that many of them come with mechanical enhancements. This means that some of them have natural eye movements, jaw movements etc that literally make them come to life. They also have AI enabled dolls which utilize learning technology to respond and even react to touch.

When it comes to their flat chested dolls, they have the largest assortment on this list with 207 dolls! They come in a wide range of shapes and ethnicities and start from as low as $1,399.


  1. Largest range of flat chested doll models
  2. Dolls are very realistic and look exactly like their photos
  3. Great customer service and fast delivery


  1. Dolls are heavier than generally expected
  2. Joints are a bit stiffer than expected


In closing, we have just looked at four of the best flat chested doll sites on the market. Each of these sites offer dolls that are not only high quality but are sure to meet all of your sexual wants and needs. So with that said, be sure to check out each of these sites and browse through their dolls and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for you!

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Top Chubby Sex Doll Sites

Sex dolls can be a big investment, which is why it’s so important that you’re happy with the doll you choose. You won’t want to order a doll from just anywhere. Instead, you’ll want to choose one of the top chubby doll sites. You should learn more about the sites that offer BBW sex dolls so that you can identify the option that’s best for you.
Chubby, thick, Curvy we take a look at the best sites offering this body type of Doll

There are so many things that you need to consider before ordering a sex doll. What does your budget look like? What kind of customization options do you want? Are you looking for a doll that’s made from a specific type of material, like TPE or silicone?

In addition to thinking about what you want, you’ll also want to ask some questions about the sites that sell these dolls. Which sites are dependable? Does the site have a big selection of products? Are there lots of clear photos of the dolls so that you can see what you’re ordering? You should focus on finding a great site that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

While you won’t be able to try out these products or see them in person before you buy, we can provide you with a detailed overview of what various sites have to offer. You’ll be able to compare and contrast different sites that sell sex dolls and make a purchase that you feel good about.

Below, you’ll find a rundown of the top sites that offer chubby sex dolls. Once you take a closer look at these sites, you’ll be able to make an informed choice about where you want to shop. Since this is a big purchase, there’s no reason for you to rush. Check out all of these sites each including Chubby Sex Doll reviews before deciding where to place an order

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

If you’re looking for a reliable place to buy love dolls, Sexy Real Sex Dolls is a terrific option. Because they’re a factory authorized vendor, you can trust that all dolls are exactly as described. The dolls are made from premium quality hypoallergenic materials, making them a better choice than some cheaper options on the market.

This site has one of the largest selection of sex dolls on the internet, which means they have plenty of fat sex dolls to choose from. They also allow you to customize your doll right down to the details. You can even pick out the color of your doll’s nails!

Since this is one of the most popular sex doll retailers, it’s definitely a vendor you’ll want to check out. If you browse the selection and look at some of the customization options, you might be blown away by the range of choices that you have.


  • Dolls are made from premium-quality materials
  • Anonymity is guaranteed
  • Offers price matching
  • Amazing customization options


  • No returns or exchanges
  • Can take up to 25 days for your doll to arrive

Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie is a small business that makes customer satisfaction a priority. They have a huge selection of dolls that are designed to cater to many different tastes. New dolls are added every week, which means there’s always going to be a reason for you to come back and visit the site again!

Many of the dolls available on Sex Doll Genie are ready to ship, which makes them a great option for consumers that want their doll more quickly. Of course, if you want a little more control over the doll you’re ordering, you’ll find that there are dozens of customization options.

A lot of the top chubby Sex doll sites are massive companies, but this family-owned business proves that a small team can provide premium sex dolls. All major credit cards are accepted, and you can pay with PayPal, Sezzle, Klarna, cryptocurrency, and Zelle as well.


  • More than 1,300 dolls available
  • Offers price matching
  • 100% moneyback guarantee if there’s an issue with your order
  • Lifetime repair assistance


  • Fewer customization options than some retailers
  • Site can have slow load times

Joy Love Dolls

Joy Love Dolls has one of the most impressive selections of sex dolls on the market, making them one of the top chubby Sex doll sites. In addition to the massive selection, the site has an impressive range of customization options. There are around 140 different heads to choose from, which means any user will be able to find what they’re looking for.

This is a major love doll retailer that has warehouses in both Europe and Asia. While price points vary based on the doll that you choose, their prices are very affordable, especially when you consider the quality of their dolls. Because the site allows you to search for dolls based on price, it’s easy to find options that are within your price range.

If you want a doll with a specific look, you may find that Joy Love Dolls is the best option for you. You can take full advantage of the customization options and order the doll of your dreams.


  • Excellent customization options
  • Affordable prices
  • Site is easy to navigate
  • Fantastic customer service


  • Returns aren’t an option in most cases
  • Since dolls are made to order, wait times can be as long as 20 days carries sex dolls from every major brand, which means they have a truly amazing selection. In addition to fat sex dolls, they offer dolls with AI tech, budget-friendly options, and so much more. Some of their premium dolls are on the expensive side, but there are dolls at a lower price point as well.

Not only does this site have a great selection, but they offer stellar customer service. All products sold through this retailer are guaranteed to be genuine, and dolls are shipped discreetly and securely. Your doll will be packaged along with a soft blanket and a cleaning kit.

If you’re interested in a specific brand, it’s safe to assume that carries that brand. Since they’re an authorized reseller, you’ll always know that you’re getting the real deal. Many of their dolls have numerous options for customization.


  • All dolls are made from premium materials
  • Dolls are checked for imperfections before they’re shipped out
  • Dolls have flexible joints, which means you can put them into all kinds of positions


  • Wait times can be up to 21 days
  • Dolls can be returned within 24 hours, but customers must cover shipping costs

BBW Sex Doll

The best sites that sell BBW sex dolls give consumers options. They allow you to customize your doll so that you can create the girl of your dreams. They also use the highest-quality materials available so that your doll will remain in excellent condition.

There are a lot of sites that sell sex dolls, but not all of these sites carry to fans of larger ladies. Beyond that, not every retailer is reliable. Thankfully, every one of these sites is dependable and has plenty of amazing options.

Whether you’re sure you want to buy a love doll or are still on the fence, you should take the time to browse all of the chubby Sex doll websites. Once you see what they have to offer, you’ll want to order a doll as soon as you can. Having a sex doll that perfectly matches your tastes can be lifechanging. All four of these sites are reliable and offer the kinds of options that you’re looking for.