Your Guide To Sex Dolls

One of the reasons we are so successful in the doll industry is because we are a team of experts and fanatics. Our collective passion for Sex Dolls lets us create a simple and discreet experience for you. We’ve sourced the best Sex Dolls from across the market, so you can find the joy that you’ve been looking for.

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Given the shared passion we have for Sex Dolls, we can help you find your joy through expert suggestions and advice that help you meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of high-caliber options, and we know we’ll earn your trust as we help you create the utmost experiences that fulfill your deepest and darkest dreams and desires.

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Our premium products open the door to a limitless world of possibilities. On behalf of all of us, welcome to the wonderful world of undreamed fulfillment.

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What Exactly Are Sex Dolls?

What we call Sex Dolls are also called loved Sex Dolls. They’re basically just artificial people who are created to bring you joy and companionship. They’re created in ways that resemble both genders in nearly every respect. The highest-caliber ones are actually pretty impressive with their appearance. Manufacturers get nearly everything just right, from how soft nipples are all the way to fingernail shapes. You can choose Sex Dolls from many genders, sizes, and ethnicities. You can even find models made like vampires or elves. How far can your Sex Doll go? The sky is the limit, depending on your budget.

Why Should You Buy A Doll?

There are plenty of reasons why different people buy themselves Sex Dolls. For many, it’s a mixture of curiosity and loneliness. They might have trouble relating to actual people, but still want to experience emotional and physical intimacy. The cliche about rich, old, fat perverts with closets full of these Sex Dolls isn’t actually even remotely true. Many of our clients have actually suffered past trauma, leaving them with serious kinds of anxiety. That makes things difficult for them if they try to go out to establish partner relationships. A love doll is a chance for someone to experience intimacy, free of the stress that’s involved with being with a human being.

Our Sex Dolls are also thoughtful gifts for those with physical and/or mental handicaps. It’s very hard for individuals with particular conditions to go on dates, much less meet people. In some cases, a love doll is their only chance at physical intimacy.

This isn’t the entire market, of course. Some folks just love how crazy the realism is. Or, they’d like to carry out certain fantasies that are impossible with ‘real’ humans. One major lure is how you can get either male or female Sex Dolls.

A Guide To Buying Sex Dolls

Buying any love doll is quite a bit different than buying other toys. You will face many choices to make, covering everything from the doll’s facial expression to what size it is.


Sex Dolls are actually among the most sophisticated products on the modern market. Precision engineering is employed to come up with tremendously lifelike replicas of the human body. Most of the time, two particular materials are useful in achieving this:

1) TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

2) Silicone

Silicone is more durable and heat-resistant as compared to TPE. However, it’s not nearly as soft. A silicone doll can still feel very lifelike, with serious advantages. For instance, it’s possible to take hot baths with your silicone love doll. That doesn’t happen with TPE.

Silicone is also much easier to clean. TPE has more absorbency, and if it’s not seriously cleaned and sanitized regularly, it can develop issues.

If at all possible, get platinum-cured silicone. The finished product is far softer and a lot more touchable.

Just remember that silicone is more rigid. TPE  Sex Dolls have more jiggle and wiggle and the buttocks and breasts than you’ll get with silicone Sex Dolls.

One huge benefit of TPE is how affordable it is. Full-sized silicone Sex Dolls are rarely less than a few thousand dollars.

TPE is also considerably softer, as well as more like real flesh. Don’t fret over these details too much, though, if it’s your first love doll. You likely won’t notice any difference.


This set of factors is very crucial. A love doll’s size impacts both the price tag and how you can physically use it. A full-sized doll more than 5 feet in height is going to be substantially heavier than any smaller Sex Dolls. Most Sex Dolls in this size range can weigh over 90 lbs. Can you easily pick up and then position a 5’1″ real woman? If you can’t, think about a smaller doll.

Size is far from the only factor determining the weight of the doll. Full-body Sex Dolls will always be heavier than torso or partial Sex Dolls. Limbs like legs and arms are hefty. A lot of men find their personal experiences to be just as stimulating even without them.

Be sure you think about how you are going to store your love doll. Your full-sized love doll will take up just as much room as a human does.

Many manufacturers suggest hanging your doll for long-term storage, as this will prevent materials from sagging or denting under the constant pressure. Do you have a whole closet you can dedicate to hanging a love doll?

Many of our clients are shocked to find out that the majority of our Sex Dolls actually don’t look like girls in their 20s with peak physical condition. We think that realism is actually one of the more alluring facets of our Sex Dolls. Our buyers love how they can get real features included with their Sex Dolls. Do you want a bigger girl with a plump, jiggly rear? You certainly can. Still, if you’re looking for that luscious young gym bunny with a rump that just doesn’t quit, we have that too. There are no limits, save your own imagination.

How old would you like your love doll to be? These and many other questions are worthy of consideration before you make your final purchase.


Sex Dolls do not come cheap. Expect to spend at least a few hundred on entry-level mini Sex Dolls. If you’re looking for top-of-the-line work featuring full customization, then you’ll shell out several thousand dollars.

Buying Sex Dolls is different than buying any other toy. This really is a commitment. You need to be sure that you truly want this, and you need to be diligent in doing your homework about it. You might have to pay a good premium, based on the size and features you want or need.

Kinds Of  Sex Dolls

Honestly, we have too many different kinds of Sex Dolls to describe in full right now. As such, I’ve chosen some of the more popular ones to talk about.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic sex dolls are honestly the very best in the market. Typically, they’re made by hand, and they come with every possible hallmark of high-end craftsmanship.

Luxury love doll manufacturers pay strict attention to each and every detail, while using only premium materials. The majority of luxury Sex Dolls are full-size, and most even have outfits you can dress them up with. They generally have three usable holes along with posable and fully articulated arms and legs. Their skin is going to feel very soft to the touch, and their eyes even star at you longingly with each glance.

You can get a totally customized doll, or you can even find one that resembles your favorite adult performers inch by inch. Based on your budget, you can even have one made to resemble a real person. I’ve consulted several clients that had Sex Dolls made from their partner, of course with permission, in order to remain intimate even if they were apart. These models are really the cream of the crop, so you better be prepared to pay a premium for them.

Torso/Mini Sex Dolls

If you would like a love doll but aren’t able to stomach spending thousands on one, then a mini or torso love doll might be a good option. They have similar anatomical features to full-size  Sex Dolls, just in a cheaper, smaller package.

The concept of torso Sex Dolls should be pretty obvious. They come with a head and torso, but they don’t have limbs. That might sound off-putting, initially, but it isn’t in practice.

As you can see in this picture, some options don’t even have a head. They still have fully anatomical holes, full buttocks, soft breasts, and gorgeous faces if you want. Get them limbless or with arms and thighs included.

The primary advantages of torso Sex Dolls include simplicity and lower prices. Since torso Sex Dolls don’t use as many materials, they, of course, cost less. They also come in smaller sizes and weights than full-size Sex Dolls. That makes it much easier to move them around through different positions.

Mini Sex Dolls are a little different, since they’re just shrunken versions of a regular love doll. They start out just under full size, although they can go as small as just several total feet long. The majority of mini Sex Dolls have full-sized heads while their limbs and torso are smaller. Their holes come the same sizes as on full-sized  Sex Dolls, but they are lighter and smaller. As with torso Sex Dolls, they are simpler to use, store, and move around.

Exotic Sex Dolls

Many clients who look into Sex Dolls are just seeking a partner they’ll not likely find in real life. For many guys, it’s just about having something other than the girls around town. If you fantasize about a hot Indian woman but live in rural Idaho, then a gorgeous Indian love doll might make your dreams come true. If you’re only looking for skin tone, then you’ll be happy to know that most of our Sex Dolls are available in many different tones. You can even get Sex Dolls featuring very realistic resemblances of different ethnicities, including but not limited to the following:






Some clients even go further, ordering things like gorgeous elven warrior girls.

Anatomically Correct Male Sex Dolls

Guys aren’t the just looking for female love doll fun, though. Male Sex Dolls are quite popular among gay, men, bi men, and many women. They’re not nearly as prevalent as the female Sex Dolls, but they’re still available in many different styles, including full-size, torso, and mini. The primary difference if obviously the penis. Also, they’re typically firmer and more muscular. You can still be with them, whether you want to do oral or anal, with the extra benefit of being able to both pitch and catch. High-end models have features like penis-switching and giving you handjobs.

Next-Gen Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls are wonderful, but many out there long for toys that can actually participate. The wait might be over soon. RealDoll is pioneering this with their X program, involving a lifelike robot head able to move its lips and even carry on some basic conversation. Other things coming down the road include self-heating and limited motion options. These advances concentrate on doll orifices, which is where you really want the realism to show through.

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Cosplay Sex Dolls
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